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Instructions for drivers

Release date:2020-04-03

Instructionsfor drivers:

Safetyinspection shall be conducted before vehicle operation, and driving with faultis prohibited

Tire pressure

Fasten condition of main bolts and nuts of wheel and suspensionsystem

Whether the leaf spring or main beam of suspension system is broken

Working condition of lighting and braking system

Air pressure condition of brake system and air suspension system

Everytwo weeks or frosty days

Open the drain valve at the bottom of the air reservoir to drain theaccumulated water


After the first two weeks of driving or after the first loading, itis necessary to check the tightening condition of all bolts and nuts of thewheel and suspension system, and ensure that the specified torque is reached.


After removing the wheel each time, it is necessary to check thefasten condition of the wheel nut and ensure that the specified torque isreached

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