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1.       We have rich resources for the accessories market, can help customers to solve all kinds of demand, to provide competitive products.

2.       Our product had passed ISO/TS16949, ISO9001 quality certification, more longer use life.

3.       Have passed strictly inspection and test then provide to customers.

4.       Quality guarantee: 12 months.

5.       We have several price level on the same product for your option.

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Light bulbs are made of diodes, which are higher in brightness and faster reaction than ordinary bulbs. LED is a semiconductor that can convert electrical energy into visible light, It changes the principle of luminescence of tungsten filament in incandescent lamp and three base powder of energy saving lamp, and uses electric field luminescence. According to the analysis, the characteristics of LED are very obvious, long life, high light efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption. The spectrum of LED is almost all concentrated in the visible band, and its luminous efficiency can reach 80 to 90%. LED is compared with ordinary incandescent lamp, spiral energy saving lamp and T5 three base color fluorescent lamp. The result shows: The light effect of ordinary incandescent lamps is 12lm / W, the life of less than 2000 hours, the light effect spiral energy-saving lamp is 60lm / W, the life of less than 8000 hours, T5 fluorescent lamp is 96LM / W, life is about 10000 hours, white LED and 5 mm in diameter is 20 ~ 28lm / W, the service life can be more than 100000 hours. It is also predicted that the future LED lifetime limit will be infinity large.


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