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Size: M22*1.5;M16*1.5

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Place of Origin: FOSHAN, China

OEM No.: 971 002 1510, 971 002 15203518MA


Relay emergency valves are commonly used on pre-121 trailers and in current off-highway braking systems and trailer converter dollies. The relay emergency valve is a dual function valve. Under normal braking conditions, it serves as a relay valve, applying and releasing the service brakes. The emergency portion of the valve senses supply line pressure and should pressure in the supply line fall below a predetermined minimum, the valve will automatically apply the vehicle service brakes from its own protected reservoir.

The RE-4 and RE-6 relay emergency valves are piston operated and are available in both remote and reservoir mount configurations. Both valves provide easy removal of the inlet/exhaust valve cartridge assembly without line removal. The RE-4 and RE-6 are interchangeable in both fit and function.

Cross References: 2281865, 281865R, 101197, 101197X, 281860514658, 846938, R955281865, 281672, 281864, 281862, 285708, 283034, 284103, 288724, 5001242, 7J7235, E4037833, M1567182, M2511014, 48206099, 1663363, 16A63363, 4037833, EBN281865N, 7271, ACC049418, AND91477, ARA32601, 6B277445, 2471955, 9016927, 9018245, 4900093, 37025, 83073240, 41188, 41308, KN30300, KN30400, 31A1631, 50652874, 281865B1, 10TN856, 3TN420, S7558, 110268, 110470, 401130, 1936001006, 936001004, 14033, 1019237, 1019238, 9049029, 9051594, 38072, 4017762, 4184001, 034029, 1092941, 1998530001, 21406050

A cross reference listing means that this valve is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Some changes in air line plumbing may be required.




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