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Product Description: arrow shining star reflective car sticker is a high brightness reflective and directed type. The reflector used in the body / truck / truck / foreign large vehicle and other large vehicles used in the construction site / gate / parking lot and other roads. At night or under the condition of insufficient light, it will alert the road direction / vehicle width profile with strong reflection effect, improve the identification effect and remote visibility of vehicle / pedestrians.

Providing far distance guidance for drivers / pedestrians, greatly improving the safety of warning roads / vehicles.

  • product details

Product Name: arrow shining star sticker

Type of adhesive: oily permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive (super waterproof)

Product specification: 5cm x 25m, 7cm x 25m, (other specifications can be customized)

Product characteristics: high brightness anti light, high weather resistance, super adhesive

Reflective brightness: 250cd/lx/m2

Weatherproof years: 1~3

Product color: red and white, blue and white, green white, fluorescent yellow and black, etc.

Optional material: crystal color lattice. Pc reflective film. Super strong grade. Super engineering class reflective film. High strength. Shiny star reflective film

Use scope: export car / van / truck / Trailer / pickup truck / tractor and other operating vehicles reflective warning, site / road / enclosure and other sites reflecting warning




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